The Aegis Lead    trumpet Mouthpiece     

Specifically designed for high note playing. Increase your range instantly.


The Aegis LA,  Aegis LB and Aegis LC

Lead trumpet  mouthpieces

(as used by Rashawn Ross of SouLive and Dave Mathews Band)

Everyone was bugging me for an Aegis Lead Mouthpiece. I kept saying No, I don't have the time. I finally said yes, let's design 3 prototypes and I will go with the best one. Well, when I got the prototypes, they were all great. What to do, except to keep all three. I just could not pick the best one of the three as the new Aegis lead trumpet mouthpiece. All three were exceptional yet different and I simply could not choose and decided to make all three versions available.

All three lead pieces have the same rim as the Aegis F2, as well as the same outside shape and weight. The cups are all different and made to blend with the Aegis rim. Throats are the preferred choice for most lead players. Shank sizes and backbores are based on the best lead mouthpieces of the past and complete the Aegis equation.

So here they are and now you can finally reach that triple C you always dreamt about. Your dog will hate it.