ZeuS Aegis Mouthpiece      



Alex, With the Aegis LC mouthpiece, my comfortable range has already gone up a minor 3rd and I don't see it stopping there. I can also go right back to the F2 and work on classical or small group jazz without any change in sound. This is just in time for the new showband I am going to be working with. Brandon

Alex, Thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that the Aegis mouthpiece arrived and I am very impressed. I played the Olympus in a concert band last night (first time I've played in a orchestra or band for 36 years!) and I was very pleased with the tone and projection of the trumpet. It made a real different to the depth of tone to the trumpet section. I am very pleased with it, so congratulations on making such a fine mouthpiece available. Garry (Australia)

Hey Alex :) The new ZeuS Flugel mouthpiece is a real joy to play on, it's very comfortable on the lips and I find I can get a really good tone in the lower middle registers and with practice I am possitive the upper register will come real soon. Alex you out did yourself again the combination of the horn and the new mpc are a perfect match. I see what you mean about the ProTec horn case....it will do for now until you design a new better one that will protect the horns the way they should be. Thanks Alex      Owen (NC, Canada)
Hey Alex:) just an update on the new Flugel...have been showing it around at all my band practices and the general consensus is that everyone just loves the intonation ....how much it vibrates when played..the tones are as smooth as butter..and most of all just how well it was put together...everyone that had their own Flugel ..compared both side by each...a couple had yammies one had a Getzen......and there was even a Couesnon.......The ZueS 900 copper bell blew everyone of these instruments out of the water. Everyone really liked the new mpc as well. The new mpc really brings out the great flugelhorn sound and is perfectly matched gap wise with the ZueS Flugel. Personally I really like the new mpc..feels great on the lips and doesn't take too long to get used too. You have done it again Alex, you have raised the quality of the flugel mpc that other manufactures will take years to perfect........Thanks Alex you are a credit to the music community in away that you are always looking to make everything better both in instruments and mouthpieces. Thanks Again    Owen (NC, Canada)