Alexis Baro

Premier professional Jazz trumpet player based in Toronto Canada (originally from Cuba)

Purchased and plays the ZeuS Olympus AGX and ZeuS Sizzle AG

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Dear Alex,
I don't know What is all the bull$#!$sht with some of those so called "Horn players" about your horn, I read all about it in all the sites possible before I even contact you about the horn and still my Intuition lead me for the right way. Since I went to your warehouse to try the horn for the first time I got impress with the Quality of sound , mechanism of the Horn and looks, so much that for the next few month I saved all my money from my Gigs just to buy one as soon as I could. I just got a Zeus Olympus and already did a Big Salsa Gig as a Lead , an R&B Gig and a "Live" jazz album recording with a local and National Jazz Awards winner bebop sextet call Kollage and I can tell you that in all of the different types of music the horn works perfect. I love the bell size, I play beside my friends that own Vincent Bach and Yamahas>>>etc. and the projection of the sound doesn't even compare with the "Olympus" the warmest sound ever call the attention to every body that listen to me playing the horn and the mechanism is envied by the best on the market. Is the best professional horn that I have ever played and not as expensive as Monette. Good for the budget of Real players that live from Gig to Gig and play in all kinds of professional situations...Keep me up dated of your new horns, and if I got the chance I'll buy another one. Keep up the good work, Real horn players are backing you up.....Alexis Baro


Alexis Baro
CD - Havana Banana   (2005)

Video Sep 06 - Baro 01

Video Sep 06 - Baro/Kelly 01