Curtis Taylor


ZeuS Olympus

Dear Alex, The Zeus trumpet is great. About 8 months ago I tried one out. After that experience I could not go back to playing my old trumpet. When I first played the Zeus Olympus I noticed a couple of things, I got a more immediate response from the horn (I believe this comes for the reverse leadpipe design) and my sound filled up the room in which I was playing in. Also after months of practice with the Zeus trumpet I learned that it demands me to have good practice techniques and demands me to raise my level of musicianship to play the instrument most effectively. I am a performer that desires a big and pleasant sound. The horn plays great at all dynamic levels.

My Zeus Olympus allows me to shine in whatever musical settings I happen to play in whether it be Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk, and Latin. Also in those different gig settings my Zeus allows to efficiently convey different moods through it which is very important skill as a competent musician. As a playing and performing professional the Zeus has been my instrument of choice.
Best regards, Curtis Taylor



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