ZeuS   ZTR 900P   ERATO Piccolo Trumpet
Custom-Designed, Handmade Professional Piccolo Trumpet

The BEST Piccolo Trumpet in the world!  -  Compare it to anything, at any price!

ERATO is the Greek goddess of erotic poetry

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ERATO Piccolo Trumpet

16 custom finishes available

(Click on the model numbers to see the pictures)

ZTR 900 P BL Erato - lacquered polished brass   $2000 US

ZTR 900 P ABL Erato - lacquered brushed brass   $2100 US
ZTR 900 P ABLX Erato
- lacquered brushed brass with polished trim   $2100 US
ZTR 900 P BW Erato
- (unlacquered) polished raw brass   $2000 US
ZTR 900 P ABW Erato - (unlacquered) brushed raw brass   $2100 US

ZTR 900 P S Erato - polished silver plated   $2150 US
ZTR 900 P ASX Erato - brushed silver plated with polished silver *trim   $2250 US
ZTR 900 P SG Erato - polished silver plated with gold *trim  contact for current price

       (special order only, price fluctuates)          contact us for current pricing
ZTR 900 P G Erato - polished gold plated   

ZTR 900 P AG Erato - brushed gold plated   
ZTR 900 P AGX Erato - brushed gold plated with polished gold *trim   


ZTR 900 P RL Erato
- lacquered polished copper    $2200 US

ZTR 900 P ARL Erato - lacquered brushed copper    $2300 US
ZTR 900 P ARLX Erato
- lacquered brushed copper with polished trim    $2300 US
ZTR 900 P RW Erato
- (unlacquered) polished raw copper    $2200 US
ZTR 900 P ARW Erato - (unlacquered) brushed raw copper    $2300 US

Comes with:
both Bb and A leadpipes, Cornet leadpipes also available,
quality hard-shell case
with your choice of Aegis mouthpiece

* All trumpets come with Silver plated mouthpiece except for Gold plated or Gold trimmed trumpets, which come with gold plated mouthpiece.

A - Brushed finish - add $100 to BL
S - Silver plate - add $150 to BL
G- Gold plate - contact for current price
Gold trim - contact for current price
R - Copper - add $200 to BL
W - Raw - no extra charge
*Trim - all slides, finger buttons, top and bottom caps, and inside bell

How it all started.     In January 2004 this is all we had of the ZeuS Piccolo.