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Shipping and Handling Charges and Delivery Times

Where are we?
We are in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Windsor is located just across the river from the big bad city of Detroit. I actually grew up in Windsor but moved away in 1980 and returned in 2003. Windsor, the last time I checked is still part of Canada, as they tell us, the best country in the world.


We use UPS Standard Ground shipping for most shipments unless you specify otherwise.
Here is the map for Standard Ground shipping to the USA:

Delivery in 1 - 5 business days) - depending on how far you are from us.

Please note: We do not ship every day. Usually we ship only once or twide a week and it could be any day of the week. The best thing is for you to get your order in as soon as possible and never wait until the last minute.


USA - Lower States Fixed-Rate Shipping Charges
- for shipments sent to the lower USA

Standard Ground shipping charges:
(Delivery in 2 - 7 business days, depending on where you are)

Flute or Clarinet - $30     Trumpet or Cornet - $40     Trombone or Flugelhorn - $50
Alto Sax and Soprano Sax - $50     Tenor Sax - $60
     Baritone Saxophone - $100+
Other instruments - please inquire, some special order or expensive instruments will cost more for shipping

Second Day Air shipments:
(Delivery in 2 business days) - simply double the above shipping charges.

Overnight shipping:

(Next day delivery) - simply triple the above charges.

USA - Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii Fixed Rate Shipping

Please double all lower States shipping rates. These shipments can only be shipped by Air, therefore they are tripple the cost or regular ground shipments to the lower States.


CANADA - Flat-Rate Shipping Charges - for shipments to Canada

Your cost will be the same rates as USA shipping prices.


WORLDWIDE Shipping Charges - for Shipping Rates to Destinations Around the World

We will ship anywhere you desire!
We use UPS so click on this link below to calculate the shipping cost to your destination anywhere in the world.

 UPS Package Tracking              *email us for your tracking no

Do you need a tracking number?    Of course you do but we will only send you the tracking number if you request it.

UPS Worldwide Delivery Times             city: Windsor, province: Ontario, postal code: N9B3W7

UPS Worldwide Cost Calculator              city: Windsor, province: Ontario, postal code: N9B3W7

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