My 1953 Bach Mt. Vernon Trumpet  1953 Corvette

The same year the Corvette was born, Vincent Bach was already making his famous trumpet in Mt.Vernon, NY.
You know how the story goes. He built the brand so that his Bach Stradivarius name defined high quality trumpets the world over. He then got old and sold the company in the late sixties to a large conglomerate. As it happened with many other companies, the Bach brand was sold and relocated. Well, that was the end of the Bach trumpet as the world had know it. This is precisely why the best players in the world still prefer the original Mt.Vernon Bach trumpet and they pay big dollars for one, if they can find one. One problem folks. Unless your grandpa has one of these in his attic, you are out of luck. There is no more Vincent Bach, there is no more trumpet factory in Mt.Vernon and there is no more Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius trumpet.

You have been told and I will not say it again. I don't care how much money you got, my Mt.Vernon pictured here in NOT FOR SALE.

There is hope! I came to the rescue. I created a Mt.Vernon Bach just for you.

You know how the story goes. I took this trumpet down to my favorite trumpet maker and told him to make a trumpet just like my Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius. He said, "no problem, we have a very similar operation here as they did in Mt.Vernon all those years ago. We do things by hand you know, its not just fake pictures in a glossy brochure. We actually do it that way because we are a smaller company and proud to be low tech, if you call human skills, low tech".

I was amazed. It can really be done. I just could not believe it. "But wait just a moment" I said. "I can't pay a fortune for this and neither can my customers".

Well the prototype was a real success, so I asked him to make me a whole bunch of these trumpets because this was to be become my ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet. He worked out the cost and I think he miscalculated just a bit but I did not say a word. My goal was to make this special ZeuS trumpet very affordable in price so that everyone could afford it. Well, what we came up with is the best trumpet value in the world and its available for you to own.

I didn't just stop there. I made it available in a variety of creative finishes and also in the key of C and a world class Cornet as well. So why would you want to buy any other trumpet after all that we have done for you?

Our ZeuS Guarnerius Trumpet is based in design on this very exact instrument pictured here.

I own this vintage 1953 Bach trumpet. It is in very good shape and plays and sounds amazing.
I took this instrument to the manufacturer of the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpets and told them to copy my Mt. Vernon.

Click here to see the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet

Click here to see the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet

Click here to see the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet