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Super Horn Trumpet

The ultimate handmade SuperHorn for the advanced player. Nobody does a SuperHorn better!
Featuring the new ZeuS Aegis mouthpiece

High Professional Lead Trumpet
ZeuS ZTR 950 SIZZLE  Bb Lead Trumpet

High Professional Trumpet
ZeuS ZTR 900 Bb Guarnerius
 Bb Trumpet                     ZeuS ZTR 900C Guarnerius  C Trumpet

A vintage Bach inspired trumpet and the most versatile horn you will ever play.
The horn which made ZeuS famous, made a lot of players happy and pissed
off the competition.
Featuring the new ZeuS Aegis mouthpiece

High Professional Piccolo Trumpet
ZeuS ZTR 900P ERATO Bb/A piccolo trumpet

3 Years is a very short time to design and build the world's best Piccolo Trumpet - but would you expect anything less from ZeuS?

Intermediate Trumpet
Getzen 490

The best intermediate trumpet on the market. The feel of a pro trumpet at a great price.

Student Trumpet
ZeuS ZTR 250

The best beginner horn on the market. Its so good that one could play this right through school and beyond.


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New Used Professional Intermediate Student Trumpets Trumpet

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