Lasim Richards      trombonist from Miami FL

I would like to start off by saying that the Zeus ZTB 930 ABL is the best trombone I've ever played. I recently switched from a Bach 42G (large bore Stradivarius) to the ZTB 930. The transition was seamless; it provided a quicker response and the sense of ease I was looking for. This horn is perfect for almost any situation, especially jazz and commercial work. I would recommend the 930 to any jazz trombonist using a small bore instrument but feels the need for room. The same would be true for the commercial player who is using a large bore trombone but is looking for a different feel with the same sound quality. For the quality craftsmanship, look and the price, this is probably the best deal on the market.     Lasim Richards, (Miami, FL)
I am blowing on the first two tunes.


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