Lin Rountree

Olympus ABL Trumpet,    Olympus AG Trumpet,    Guarnerius ABL Flugelhorn,

Lin Rountree, a contemporary Jazz and R&B trumpeter and flugelhornist, is fast becoming one of the most celebrated new talents. His sound is soulful, funky, and sensual. Be it R&B, Gospel, Soul, or Jazz he has an innate ability to connect his music to the soul. A native of Atlanta and graduate of Florida A&M, Lin currently makes his home in Detroit, Michigan. His creativity, charm, intelligence, and wit make him an easy artist to listen to and work with. Lins debut project, GROOVETREE, released by BDK Records in 2005, exemplifies the quality results of collaboration and creative genius and will have you convinced of his unique talent. With songs primarily written by Lin, including one featuring the notable Jazz guitarist, Tim Bowman, there is no doubt that after hearing GROOVETREE you will be a fan. Rountree has also played or performed with other noted artists such as Gerald Albright, Kem, Alexander Zonjic, Dave McMurray, Arron Hall, and several others.