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Leblanc Vito 7214 "Millennium" addition       One of the most popular clarinets in the world

Leblanc Vito 7214      (Advanced Student)

These are some of the highest quality American made clarinets.
The Vito 7212 / 7214 model plastic bodied clarinet is a small-bore model for very easy playing for beginners as well as more advanced students. It features the same hand-craftsmanship that has made Vito the most popular student clarinet in the world. This model also features the patented PRAG bridge-key alignment device, available only form Leblanc. No more guessing how to align the top and bottom joints. A special pin will automatically align the two parts when assembling. It also has a nickel plated bell ring and a wood-grain finish. This instrument oozes quality. Is it better than our ZeuS ZCL 201 clarinet listed above? NO, but if you want an instrument with a more recognizable brand-name than this is your instrument. Made in USA. When you will no longer find American made student instruments anywhere from the large companies. They all went to China. So send them a message and don't by Chinese.


$450 US

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