ZeuS ZAS 750


ZeuS ZAS 750     (High-Professional)      click the models below to see the pictures


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ZAS 750 L - Lacquered body and keys - $1400 US
ZAS 750 BN - Black Nickel plated (charcol gun metal) body with lacquered keys - $1500 US
ZAS 750 S - Bright Silver plated body and keys - $1500 US
750 BP
- Black painted body with lacquered shiny keys - $1500 US
750 AL
- Matte lacquered body with polished lacquered keys - $1500 US
750 AG - Matte Gold plated body with shiny gold-plated keys- $1500

View pictures of the ZAS 750 and the ZAS 1000 side by side. Click Here


Now you can own one of the best saxophones made. A truly world-class instrument. Yes, go ahead and put this instrument up against a Selmer, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa or anything else for that matter. Whoever owns one of these high priced instruments will feel envious and somewhat foolish after you show off your new ZeuS professional saxophone at less than half the price. You can understand why I wouldn't want any other store to get these products. These are a tremendous find and a testament to my business and negotiating skills. They are top quality and a tremendous value. If you are a student be prepared to own the best sax at your school. If you are someone who makes money playing a horn, this is the perfect professional sax for you. However, if you like famous brand names better than quality instruments, then you better go to another website. We only deal with smart people here.

Made in Europe by the same famous manufacturer that makes the ZeuS ZAS 650 saxophone, this is the absolutely perfect sax to buy for anyone who was told that they should get a Selmer saxophone or any other overhyped and overpriced instrument. Forget about all that nonsense, why waste your money? This instrument is truly amazing. It is a top of the line handmade professional instrument, which means that it is every bit as good as saxophones that cost thousands of dollars more and come with all the hype.
This professional sax has a professional key configuration, premium pads, very high quality finishes, power forged nickel keys, full ribbed construction for strength and durability of the keys and posts, detachable bell, high F# key and a very high grade Samsonite-style case which is like a briefcase and is lockable with keys. People will no longer mess with your instrument when you are not around. The key mechanism is very precise and smooth. The fit and finish is as good as it gets. Aesthetically, these instruments are very beautiful as the pictures show. It even has some nice engraving on the bell and on all the key guards.

This is truly the perfect saxophone for anyone who takes music seriously, from the talented high school student, the experienced adult sax enthusiast to the seasoned pro who is not bound by endorsement obligations. If you are looking to buy a status symbol this is not the saxophone for you. This is not the instrument to get in order to keep up with the Joneses This is the instrument by which to make the Joneses feel stupid for wasting their money. If you want a great instrument and want to put the money you save to better use, then go for it, you are doing the smart thing. Its the last sax you will ever need to buy.

    Alex, Just a note to let you know that the sax came in and has passed inspection. I appreciate the time you spent responding to my questions. It helped me make a great decision and saved me lots of money. Our band director plays a Yanagisawa and feels that the Zeus 381 is as good of a horn. After an hour and a half of "testing" it I thought I was going to have to pry it out of her hands. My son was thrilled and is very excited to learn the new feel. Thanks for a smooth transaction, the patience, and a great horn. I have passed your company information on to the band directors and I hope you hear from more of our parents. You definitely have a great product. Thanks again, Mike (Texas)

    Alex,Alex... I love it!!! I can't wait to play in my first concert on Thursday May 17!!! I love jazz with my instrument and I have noticed that my sax has a richer sound than the others. Is that because they are low quality or why? Thanks a lot for the great prices I love it and I recommended your site to my friend who is looking for a wood clarinet. Hopefully you will hear from her with an order! Anyway I'll talk to you later! Ashley (age13) (Wisconsin USA)

Alex, thank you so much for your quick delivery of my beautiful Zeus model 750 sax! It plays wonderfully, and the action is superb. I am suggesting you to my students when they inquire about buying, and am recommending the ZeuS line. I do have a question about care for the black nickel lacquer. How do I keep it clean and from tarnishing? Will normal lacquer cleaner work or damage it? Have a great day! You may be hearing from more people in NY. Bonne journee! Jana (NY)

Hey Alex, Thanks for the info on the Getzen. I'm very excited to finally get a good trumpet. And thanks so much for working with me on a payment plan. It means a lot. Here is the pic of my 13 yr. old son, Brandt. When we first opened the case, we were stunned. This was the most beautiful alto sax we had ever seen (the ZAS 750 in silver). The craftsmanship was impeccable. The real test came when my son presented it to his band director. As expected, the director saw the name and had a few misgivings about it.....UNTIL he played it. He wasn't really sure what to say at first, but then finally admitted that I had done well in purchasing this horn. Then came the questions....where did I get it, how did I find it, how much was it, blah..blah..blah. It was fun watching him as I told the story of Zachary Music. I'm now waiting on delivery of my second purchase from you (the Getzen 700S trumpet). Once again, you went out of your way to accommodate my needs. Zachary Music is first rate, and I'm spreading the word. Thanks, Alex, for all you've done.   Richard in Arkansas       Click here to see this sax in action.

Hello to all, I write to tell you of the hidden secret of Zeus Saxes. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a ZeuS ZAS 750 professional Alto Saxophone. A friend had told me of the greatness of this mysterious brand of Saxophone. At first I was skepitical because of the price and being unknown, but researched the web-site that you are viewing now just for kicks. I liked what I saw. So I called Zachary Music and orderd one. I recieved it within 5 days and was shocked! For $1500.00, I had never saw anything like it. About a month ago I had purchased a Selmer Student, because of the price($1500.00), and that I thought a Selmer would be great just because of the name. Boy, was I wrong. I had it back within 2 weeks becuase all it amounted too was a toy. Once I got the horn, I was shocked of the clarity and easy finger action. I could get notes that I never thought I would get without strain on the mouth. I am not a professional Saxophone player but iI'm a professional swing fiddler, and could tell that this was a piece of art. I've played on Selmer Paris', Mark 6, LA Sax, and every other high priced Sax on the market. If you dont believe anything else I say, believe that it will stand up to a Mark 6 with ease, or even stand over it. I say this because I know. I don't think anyone can turn down this INCREDIBLE low price compared to all the rest of the saxes on the market. I Gurantee that you will enjoy it. Travis (Texas)



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