ZeuS ZFH 800 Flugelhorn Fluegelhorn     

ZeuS ZFH 800     
(Low Professional)  
Professional instrument with specs to match. Specific

Specifications: key of Bb, vertical slide arrangement, .460 bore, 6" bell, three Amado waterkeys, Monel valves, with 3rd slide trigger included, deluxe traditional wood double fluegelhorn/trumpet case.       

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ZFH 800 L- $800 US    Brass Lacquer
ZFH 800 S
- $900 US   Polished Silver
ZFH 800 R
- $1000 US   Copper Lacquer (seamless) bell

*No 3rd slide trigger - subtract $75     *Special Order Only

Accessories - Don't forget our high quality folding music stands and our amazing ZeuS Silver Cream (silver polish). Click here for the details.