ZeuS   ZTR 1000   OLYMPUS
Custom-Designed, Handmade SuperHorn Trumpet

The best trumpet in the world!    Compare it to anything, at any price!

"The ZeuS Olympus has exceeded my expectations beyond measure. It truly is a "Superhorn" for a Superprice. I am now hitting notes I did not know existed!"   Tim (TX).


I designed this instrument to affect you emotionally. You will either love me or hate me after playing this trumpet.
You will hate me if you are a seller of much more expensive trumpets or if you have already paid too much for a trumpet which is not all that its cracked up to be. In either case, if it threatens you, you will try to dismiss this trumpet and I don't blame you.

Why should you care?
If your current trumpet is a bit too tame for you and you want something that will make you a better player then this trumpet was made for you.

This is a trumpet stripped down to the bare bones, perfect for the serious player.

This trumpet rewards the serious player and makes no apologies for making your current "superhorn" feel like your first student trumpet from grade 5. Remember back when you didn't even like girls yet.

The ZeuS Olympus is the synthesis of agility, immediacy and all-round performance, offering the maximum in pure playing pleasure and response.

A trumpet boiled down to only what's important and which will put all the trumpet tweakers out of a job.

Let the kids continue buying Bach. For less money than a Bach Stradivarius whoever does not get this trumpet doesn't need an instrument at all, they need a doctor to have their head examined.

Monette Trumpet Trumpets


16 custom finishes available

(Click on the model numbers to see the pictures)

ZTR 1000 BL Olympus - lacquered polished brass   $2000 US

ZTR 1000 ABL Olympus - lacquered brushed brass   $2100 US
ZTR 1000 ABLX Olympus - lacquered brushed brass with polished trim   $2100 US
ZTR 1000 BW
- (unlacquered) polished raw brass   $2000 US

ZTR 1000 ABW Olympus - (unlacquered) brushed raw brass   $2100 US

ZTR 1000 S Olympus - polished silver plated   $2150 US
ZTR 1000 ASX Olympus - brushed silver plated with polished silver *trim   $2250 US
ZTR 1000 SG Olympus - polished silver plated with gold *trim  contact us for price

(special order only, price fluctuates)    contact us for current pricing
ZTR 1000 G Olympus - polished gold plated   

ZTR 1000 AG Olympus - brushed gold plated   
ZTR 1000 AGX Olympus - brushed gold plated with polished gold *trim

ZTR 1000 RL Olympus
- lacquered polished copper    $2200 US

ZTR 1000 ARL Olympus - lacquered brushed copper    $2300 US
ZTR 1000 ARLX Olympus
- lacquered brushed copper with polished trim    $2300 US
ZTR 1000 RW Olympus
- (unlacquered) polished raw copper    $2200 US
ZTR 1000 ARW Olympus - (unlacquered) brushed raw copper    $2300 US

Comes with:
Custom designed ZeuS hard-shell with shoulder strap case and ZeuS E3 mouthpiece

* All trumpets come with Silver plated mouthpiece except for Gold plated or Gold trimmed trumpets, which come with gold plated mouthpiece.

A - Brushed finish - add $100 to BL
S - Silver plate - add $150 to BL
G- Gold plate - contact for current price
Gold trim - contact for current price
R - Copper - add $200 to BL
W - Raw - no extra charge
*Trim - all slides, finger buttons, top and bottom caps, and inside bell

* All trumpets come with Silver plated mouthpiece except for fully Gold plated trumpets, which come with gold plated mouthpiece.

Important: Modifications to ZeuS trumpets will adversely effect their performance and totally void your Warranty. For example, adding a 3rd waterkey will upset the intonation of the instrument, due to its unique design. Performance characteristics of these instruments are solely based on the original unadulterated design specifications, any deviation from this will compromise the instrument. The instrument will simply not play and/or sound as specified here. We take no responsibility for any changes made to the instruments. It is recommended that you do not purchase a ZeuS trumpet, which has been modified or altered in any way.


Leather Valve Guard - perfect fit for ZeuS
ZeuS Silver Cream - the best Silver Polish

Trumpets Trumpet

ZTR 1000 Olympus Specifications:
Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the world's best trumpet maker,
All available custom finishes,

One piece handmade bell, 5 1/4" diameter,
.470" large bore,
Reverse leadpipe design,
Minimally braced construction,
"Valves Forward" design for a uniquely perfect balance,
One Amado waterkey, no 3rd waterkey for superb intonation,
Heavy bottom caps standard,
All metal finger buttons (no pearls)
Monel hand-fitted valves,
"LightFast" valve action, (the lightest and fastest valves you will ever experience)

Nylon valve guides for the quietest valve action,
New valve section with amazing featherlight ultrafast action,
Perfectly balanced design for the hard-core player,
ZeuS custom-designed trumpet case with zipper and shoulder strap,
3rd slide rubber cord, for simple yet effective trigger action
ZeuS E3 mouthpice included

the NEW ZeuS Aegis mouthpiece



Factory Tour

This is one mean weapon for the serious player.



Re: your horns - here is my critique:
The new line of ZeuS-Olympus trumpets impressed me very much.
These models have many nice qualities: very free blowing instrument with a large sound (no worries to be heard in a big band or a large orchestra playing works by Wagner, Berlioz or Tchaikowski).
The ZeuS-Olympus has very good response ( I surprised myself when I reached the high A on such large bore-470 instrument).
The Olympus models played well in tune throughout the whole range. I played on 3 models; 1) gold plated, 2) silver plated, 3) copper bell,
The 3rd model was my favorite as it sounds a bit darker and with less edge (I would use it to perform a lyrical or a solo works).
All Olympus models have shorter stems and fast responding valves to play with ease the intricate musical passages.

Kaz Samujlo - Ottawa, Ont. Canada
Professional Teacher and brass player for over 30 years

For more reviews click here: Testimonials


Amaze yourself!    There's nothing like it!


Secrets about the Olympus Design

Why minimal bracing?

I wanted the Olympus to be as minimally braced as possible to make it resonate like crazy. This has been achieved. One pro player who played it recently immediately noticed that when he pings the bell with his finger, the whole horn vibrates. Not just the bell flare, like on most horns but the entire bell stem and the entire horn. Its like a bloody tuning fork as it vibrates. The amazing thing is that each differently finished Olympus resonates to a different note. You sure don't get this with the heavily braced horns, its like they are built into concrete and consequently they sound dead and dull. The Olympus sounds very rich, complex and full of harmonics, as opposed to a thin, dull tone.

Why no third slide waterkey?

Why would you want to drill your trumpet full of holes if you don't want to. Why introduce a potentially problem area that will effect intonation. A hole in that critical area cannot be positive. No waterkey on the 3rd slide eliminates any intonation problems a useless hole may introduce into the horn. The goal is to drill as few holes into the thing as possible.

Why an Amado waterkey?

The Amado waterkey is needed because the main tuning slide would never come out with a traditional waterkey. There is no room there because of the ingenious "Valves Forward" design. Also, a traditional waterkey would not complement this type of modern horn design as it does the Guarnerius.

Why heavy caps?

Heavy caps obviously are there to help in the effortless slotting in all registers. This horn will make anyone a better player. You playing feels solid and secure. The concept behind this horn is that if you will put any weight on this thing, put it on the valves not on the main resonating parts. The valve section is like a foundation around which the whole horn is built. This must be solid and give stability to the notes produced.

Why the large bell, large bore and reverse leadpipe/slide design?

The Olympus has phenomenal projection, it also has a huge bottom end and it sizzles in the high register. In short, its magical.
The big bell makes this possible. This is no lame, weeny sounding instrument. It will never sound like you are playing it inside a box. This instrument demands to be heard.

The large bell, large bore and reverse leadpipe design are there to make it have a huge sound and make it effortlessly free blowing. The character of this trumpet is the thickest bottom end you ever heard, the wonderful way it really opens up when you go up high and its free blowing nature. Its a screamer up top but also has the thickest low notes you have ever heard.

Why "Valves Forward" design?

If you have a trained eye and you are and experienced player, you will notice that the valves are positioned differently from other trumpets. The "Valves Forward" design is actually quite pronounced visually. This is a very important feature in making the horn balance in your hand like no other. You don't even feel like you are holding it. The center of gravity is moved way forward and it actually balances in your hand, not tipping forward or backwards. Its amazing to experience. Sure goes a long way in eliminating fatigue over long playing sessions.

Is the Olympus better than the Guarnerius?

That is your call.
However, this horn was not designed to be better than the Guarnerius. It was not designed to be like the Guarnerius at all.
Its a different animal.
It was designed to be DIFFERENT, and it is.

Remember, this trumpet has nothing you don't need and everything you do.


Play it and you'll buy it!

You're going to kick yourself if you bought any other horn!




Monette Trumpets Trumpet


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