ZeuS ZTR 250

Student Trumpet


ZTR250pics.htm  ZeuS ZTR 250    (Student)           Made in USA                    Click the model number to see the pictures of this instrument

If you have a beginner starting on trumpet, you really do not need to spend any more money than this. This is the perfect instrument for the student. You can spend more later but you really do not have to. This is all you need. This Trumpet can get a student through grade school and even high school. American made in Elkhart, Indiana, by one of the major manufacturers, this is a basic student trumpet, but one of very good quality and durability. It is specifically designed for the beginning student to be durable, easy blowing, and musically correct. Bore size is medium.

The workmanship and the mechanical functioning of this instrument is top notch. Perfect for that beginner or even the more advanced student alike. I highly recommend this instrument if you are on a budget or even if you are not. You will pay less but still get a first rate instrument. Very nice workmanship with dependable smooth nickel plated valves and an affordable price.

Comes in a quality plastic molded case with a 7C mouthpiece and an amazing price.

$450 US

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