ZeuS ZTR 950 SIZZLE Lead Trumpet Yamaha YTR8335 LA

This trumpet was specifically designed to put to shame the new Wayne Bergeron Yamaha YTR8335 LA and Bob Malone has nothing to do with the ZeuS SiZZle

Its about time you put some SIZZLE into your playing !!!

You could feel it coming.  Well its here!   Possibly the best lead horn ever created.

Remember ... too much of a good thing ... is Wonderful

Designed for players needing an open instrument that is flexible and free-blowing. Perfect for the needs of both the soloist and the lead player in any trumpet section.

PICS!!!     You want to see some more pics do you?  Can you handle it?   Click here


.460 bore, Lightweight 5" bell, .462" tuning slide, Valves-Forward design.    This is already more than you need to know.

Price: SAME price as the Guarnerius Bb trumpet - Refer to the Guarnerius price list.
Same options, same prices as Guarnerius, except the Sizzle is a special order instrument.

Shipped with:
ZeuS designed premium case, ZeuS Aegis lead mouthpiece, with optional .470" large bore single radius tuning slide.






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