ZeuS ZTS 650 Tenor Saxophones

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TENOR SAXOPHONE           comes with hard-shell case and quality mouthpiece

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ZeuS ZTS 650     (Intermediate)    OUR BEST SELLER               Price:     $1250 US

Made in Europe by a famous manufacturer, this Sax rivals in quality any other student and intermediate saxophone on the market, but will cost you hundreds of dollars less. If you have a child who is enthusiastic about band and appreciates fine things, then pay a little extra and get the model 650 instead of the 150.

The model 650 has forged keys and a high F# key like all the high priced professional saxophones . The mechanism is very precise and the general quality and design of this instrument will rival instruments from other companies which cost twice as much. This is the instrument which will be suitable from grade school all the way through high school and beyond. This instrument is perfect for any student, serious adult amateur or professional player who doesn't want to spend a fortune on an instrument and still play a great instrument. 

Forget about any other brand that the band director recommended, with this sax you will get top quality and the best value. This instrument is built along the lines of a professional saxophone with professional key configuration, It is not a kid's instrument, like you will find from other brands in this price range.

This instrument has Premium pads, Gold Lacquered body, Power forged nickel keys, and high F# key. Why start off a student on a kid's instrument when they can get proferssional level instrument for the price of a starter instrument. We used to sell hundreds of Yamaha YTS 23 student saxophones until this saxophone came along. Ever since then we can no longer sell Yamaha. No one in their right mind will buy it after comparing it to this instrument.


The Sound of the ZeuS Saxophone

If you want to hear what a ZeuS saxophone sounds like in the hands of a talented player click on the link below.
The amazing thing is that this kid was 14 years old when these files were recorded.
Clearly, the ZeuS ZAS and ZTS 650 Saxophones far exceed the requirements of most who purchase it.

You are getting a top professional quality instrument at an unbelievably low price.
If you know instruments you would be amazed. If you don't know instruments this is all meaningless to you unfortunately and you will not appreciate it. Shame on you for not taking music as a kid.


Hello Alex, It's been a few months since I was fortunate enough to come across your website, and then have the opportunity to visit with you personally and purchase the ZTS 650 Tenor Sax. Well, you were right...I had nothing to fear! I can only say how much I thoroughly enjoy playing this great instrument, and at the same time got myself a great deal in quality and price. I still have the temptation of comparing it to other instruments that I see (one's that are a much higher price) and I now know what a extra special deal it was! What I have seen doesn't compare to my Zeus. I've saved a lot of money buying through you. My teacher was impressed as well. As you said, once I buy the Zeus, I won't have to think about buying another. Just thought you should know how pleased I am. Thanks for your time spent with me via the e-mails and our long talk that Saturday.   
Dave (Stoney Creek, ON Canada)



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