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ZeuS Olympus


Alex "This horn is Me And - I am the horn"
The Zeus Olympus is a real Beautiful Voice and a piece of art. "Its Mesmerizing", dark but still so clear strong output in the upper register. It blends just amazing with my style of music and playing.

Tune ??! It just "wants" to stay in tune by itself, and what a tone !!! I have played it on two gigs for about ...say 6-7 hours and it sounded Great!!! The guys were curiously looking forward for my solo and parts. Next week ill try it on studio and until then I play it as much as I can.

The Aegis is some interesting Animal !!! Though it's quite a change from my 3C, but I don't think I want to interrupt it.
I was so glad to see that you added the 3rd slide stopper. It does not show on your web site pictures of earlier horns. Ill let you know in few days how is my life with the Zeus are going. Thanks Alex Raffi Arev ps - if you think you can find your past Israeli interested clients names/details and in a week or two I think I could gladly help spread the news to them.   Raffi (Israel) - July 2006

Alex, what's up !?
Raffi from Israel just wanted to drop few words and one little pic of me and the Olympus well, I really love it and doing great with the horn, both live and studio sessions, beautiful tone absolutely great. My range got bigger and easier to play now. Did dozens of studio recordings with it in many styles...and it just gets better!!!   best regards, Raffi Arev (Pardes Hana Israel)     
March 2007

Hi Alex, long time since you heared from israel ha? Except for the war that was here last month, evreything is just great. I made many studio sessions with my ZeuS Olympus, some of them are played on Israely Radio play lists.      best regards, Raffi Arev (Pardes hana, Israel) February 2009


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