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 ZeuS ZFL 800B    Professional Flute

ZeuS ZFL 800B - Handmade Professional Flute

Open-hole configuration,
Solid silver Head, Body and Foot,
Gold plated lip plate,
Drawn tone holes,
Hand undercut embouchure hole for sensitive response and accurate articulation,
Silver plated keys,
French pointed key arms,
Inline G,
Split E mechanism facilitates clear and responsive high E,

B foot,
Gizmo key,
Tapered pivot screws for accurate adjustment and smooth action,
Double bladder pads,
Finger plugs installed,
Professional case,
Padded water resistent Cordura case cover,
Wooden cleaning rod,

Introductory price:  $800 US

* Please note that all curent flutes of this model are now offered with the more modern style case and black case cover shown, not the wood case.

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