ZeuS Trombone Testimonials

ZTB 8 Series

Alex, I am tardy in communicating to you my extreme satisfaction with the Zeus Saxophone and ZeuS Trombone. I am very impressed with these instruments and have mentioned you to a couple local Band Directors and know others from here in SC as well as others throughout the Southeast US. Band Directors love to see their students upgrade their instruments, however, cost and quality will always be on parents minds. The value you offer is outstanding and made upgrading two kids at the same time possible! Thanks for your quick and honest answers! Paul (SC)

Hi Alex! We received the Zeus professional trombone on Monday. We are soooo pleased! It's gorgeous and the sound is magnificent. We have printed some copies of information from your website and will be letting people know about you! You have a wonderful product! Keep up the good work!
Marc and Vicki (CO)

Hi Alex, I meant to get with you earlier, but it's been a pretty hectic weekend. The ZEUS ZTB 8547 FOR trombone arrived Wednesday afternoon. To our untrained eyes it is lovely. I drove my daughter and the trombone to her school Thursday morning...she couldn't wait to show her band teacher. He didn't arrive at the school until she was in class and I was leaving, and I went back to get his opinion.

The first thing he remarked on as he pulled it out of the band locker was the quality of the case. He opened the case and proclaimed the trombone a 'keeper'. Of course he had to pop the slide and mouthpiece on and give it a go. As he was playing, a couple of the high school band's trombonists arrived to do a workshop with the middle schoolers. The first thing they said when they entered the room was, "Wow! Whose trombone is that??".

At our school they do band every other day, so my daughter didn't have band until Friday. When she came home Friday afternoon she told us that she thinks Mr. Page likes her trombone. She said that he had asked her at the beginning of the class if he could show her trombone to the rest of the class...she agreed. After he had shown it to the class, he asked her if he could play it for the class...again, she agreed. He named off a list of song titles and asked the class to vote for what he should play. They voted, and it wasn't what he wanted to play, but since majority rules, he played it. Then, he played the other songs on the list. Band class was shortened that day due to an assembly, so he spent the 20 minutes or so of the class period serenading the class with Kelsey's new trombone LOL!. I think he really likes it. I just wanted to let you know that it got here and is the toast of the middle school bandroom.     Thank you so much, Kim (KY)

Hello, We purchased the ZTB 8547 - with red copper bell, two years ago. My daughter has been playing this and loves it. Her band instructor loves also. Her first six months of band the band instructor kept it next to his desk and preferred it over his prized Selmer. Whenever students from different classes saw her with the trombone they would ask her what she was doing with the band instructors trombone. She had a hard time convincing them it was not Mr. Band instructor's Trombone and if fact was hers.    Thanks, Kraig, (KY)

Alex, I bought my daughter's ZeuS trombone from you last year. We got the ZTB 8547 FOR at your amazing price! We changed band directors this past year, and the former band director was highly impressed! The new band director is also highly impressed, not only with the value of the horn for the money, but the excellent quality of sound! (And he's very picky about brands!) Now our second daughter is playing a student grade cornet, and she is struggling with outplaying it. We have been discussing the purchase of a low professional ZeuS trumpet for her. I may be looking at the payment plans on this soon. Want to hear something funny? She (2nd daughter) was looking at the pictures on your website with me, and she saw the reflection of "the dude that took the picture" and laughed! I pointed out that the photographer was wearing gloves, so as not to fingerprint the horn. She says, "Cool!" I really liked the new additions to your website, especially the pictures of ZeuS instrument owners. Would you like a picture of my daughter with her trombone? She takes very good care of it. She truly appreciates the craftsmanship that went into building it. A true musician! I have your site bookmarked, and will be looking at a trumpet purchase soon! Thanks, Tess (Alabama)

ZTB 9 Series

Dear Zachary Music, I'm having a wonderful time with my new gorgeous ZEUS ZTB 930 ABL trombone. The .530 bore is just perfect for my needs which is to sound good on classical music while at the same time excelling on lead parts in a jazz ensemble. I can play a nice full sound on it for symphonies and I can also play real soft right into the mic for improvised solos. I've had only heads turn everywhere I play and I know this has a lot to do with my interest. I will recomend all to you. Sincerely, Martin Brunelle (WA)

My name is Vincent Chandler, Detroit born and raised Trombonist.
I've been playing for about twenty three years. I am a professional jazz musician of fourteen years and I've played with Joe Henderson, Wynton Marsalis with Jazz@LincolnCenter, Jimmy Heath, Clark Terry, Marcus Belgrave, James Carter and Regina Carter to name a few.

I've played several different brands of Trombones including Bach, King, Yamaha, Conn, Martin, blessing, Boosey&Hawkes,etc., but none of these horns played as good as my new Zeus Trombone. I'm playing the ZTB 93047 F ABLO brushed brass lacquered with open wrap. First of all, this is the most beautiful Trombone I've ever seen. The lacquer looks similar to the Monette trumpet Wynton Marsalis plays. My Zeus is perfect for any kind of playing. The dual bore gives me the attack and bite of a medium bore Trombone with the dark full tone of a large bore Trombone. This horn has no resistance, including the F attachment. The slide is quick and light weight. The Trombone is very well balanced. I've been told my tone is now focused throughout the complete range of the horn, as well as my articulation. It also comes with a very sturdy case, thus if you ever had to check it in during a flight you wouldn't have to worry about it being damaged. I love this horn and with it I will become the type of player I am meant to be.
Vincent Chandler (Detroit, MI).       If you have any questions e-mail me at        vachan@umich.edu

I would like to start off by saying that the Zeus ZTB 930 ABL the best trombone I've ever played. I recently switched from a Bach 42G (large bore Stradivarius) to the ZTB 930. The transition was seamless; it provided a quicker response and the sense of ease I was looking for. This horn is perfect for almost any situation, especially jazz and commercial work. I would recommend the 930 to any jazz trombonist using a small bore instrument but feels the need for room. The same would be true for the commercial player who is using a large bore trombone but is looking for a different feel with the same sound quality. For the quality craftsmanship, look and the price, this is probably the best deal on the market.
Lasim R. (Miami, FL)           Any questions feel free to contact me at:      checkmyvibe@yahoo.com

Awesome Horns!!!!!!
Hey Alex, I just recieved the ZTB 900 ABL trombone yesterday and I have to say this is one of the best horns I have played on. I am currently playing on a professional Yamaha 695 series and once again I have to say your trombone is kicking its butt.
I am confident that I can help get the word out about your awesome trombones.   Marvin Thompson (MOHORNS)   www.mohorns.com



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