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Our Rating System is on the appearance of the instrument as well as how much it was used. The mechanical functioning of any instrument you buy from this page will always be PERFECT. Every used instrument we sell will play and sound just like a new instrument. All used instrument are fully checked, adjusted and play tested. They will be perfect right out of the shipping box.

10 = brand new, still untouched

9 = this instrument is a demo model, no dents or scratches, its been handled by my customers to try out, it has never left my shop and its indistinguishable from a 10 except for some fingerprints and maybe some dust on the case.

8 = a well cared for instrument used for only several weeks or months, it may have some very hard to spot minor dents or a few very small scratches (you have to look very closely), otherwise its like a brand new instrument.

7 = a horn that is probably about one year old, well taken care of but it has a few noticeable but minor dents and scratches, still looks very new and shinny.

6 = an instrument that is several years old, it has been used , but not abused, has some dents and scratches but nothing to get excited about, still looks decent and shiny with most of its lacquer intact.

5 = well used with some dents or areas where dents were repaired, lacquer chipped off in many places, generally looks like its been around the block but still works great.

3 = this has dents and scratches and the lacquer has chipped off in many areas, it has tarnished where the lacquer is gone, looks like hell on the outside but plays well, many times these instruments look worse than they really are.

1 = garbage, good as props or parts.

*All instruments come with a case and a mouthpiece, unless otherwise specified.
*All Used Instruments are in PERFECT playing condition, regardless of their physical appearance.

*Every instrument leaves our shop
fully adjusted mechanically and ready to play, unless designated "as is"
*All prices are in US dollars.
E-mail us if you don't see a price listed
*Our Buy-Back program and Payment Plan is not available on any used instrument.
*We have many more used instruments that
are not listed here. Please inquire with your needs and we will find you the right instrument.

Photos - click on any underlined instrument model to see the pictures.

Flute (closed hole)

none at this time

Flute (open hole)

none at this time

Clarinet (plastic)

#111 Yamaha YCL 26 - student, rating 6, This is a very highly rated and popular model student plastic clarinet. $300 US

#128 Yamaha YCL 26 - student, rating 7, This is a very highly rated and popular model student plastic clarinet. $330 US

#117 Armstrong - student, conditions 8, nice student clarinet, like new. $265 US

#86 Buffet B12 - student, condition OVERHAULED, $300 US

#119 Bundy - student, condition 6, $225 US

Clarinet (wood)

None at this time

Bass Clarinet (plastic)

None at this time

Alto Sax

#39 Yamaha YAS 23 - student, rating 7, You could pass this off as a new instrument. $775 US

Tenor Sax

#20 Armstrong - student, conditions 7, high quality student tenor sax, $800 US

#10 Buescher - student, condition 7, $700 US

#101 Cannonball - Professional, Big Bell Global model, only slightly used, condition 8, $1500 US


#82 Yamaha 2320 - Student, condition 8, a top rated very popular trumpet $475 US


None at this time


None at this time


None at this time

French Horn

None at this time


#03 Selmer 123F - Plastic body, modified conservatory system, range to low Bb, Silver-plated keys, condition 7, $750 US

We usually have more used instruments at the shop which may not be listed here due to the quick turnover of these instruments. Please contact us with your requirements by telling us what type of instrument you need.

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