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        New Flutes and Piccolos           
A Flute for every player

*Click on the model numbers to see the pictures

Professional Flutes            Click the model number to see the pictures of each instrument

ZeuS ZFL 800B   (Professional)

The ultimate handmade Flute for the advanced player. Your best value in a professional flute. Just look at the specifications and what you get.
Here is your ultimate professional flute. Its loaded with all the bells and whisles. A kick ass ZeuS solid silver flute at an amazing price. Unbeatable value, you must agree. Click the model number above and look at the specifications. Its the only flute you need.
$800 US   Introductory Price

Gemeinhardt 3SB      (Professional)

This is a solid silver flute with Sterling Silver head, body and foot.  It also has the B-foot, which gives you and extra low note and a longer flute for better resonance and richer tone. This is the most popular solid silver flute model in the world. This is the model that many serious players player. Professionals may have very expensive flutes but most of them had a Gemeinhardt 3SB at one point. 
$1100 US

Intermediate Flutes             Click the model number to see the pictures of each instrument 

ZeuS ZFL 500B

(open-hole, solid silver head, B foot)  A wonderful flute for that gifted student who has advanced beyond a student flute. A great value. $550 US


Student Flutes                             Click the model number to see the pictures of each instrument

ZeuS ZFL 250

ZeuS ZFL 250     (Advanced Student)     OUR BEST SELLER    (silver plated, closed hole)

This is a premium American-made instrument and its an outstanding student flute. I am so happy to have discovered this instrument. I was searching for an identical quality instrument to the student Yamaha flute for a more affordable price since the Yamaha quite expensive. Was I ever surprised. It has a rich and powerful tone, plays effortlessly and the mechanism is the highest quality. Without doubt, this is one of the best student flutes available today, regardless of price. Its the perfect instrument for anyone who wants a great playing, high quality and dependable instrument. Regardless of how rich you are, you don't need to spend any more. This flute can get a student through grade school and even high school. American made in Elkhart, Indiana, by one of the major manufacturers it plays and sounds great, its well made, durable and at a great price. If you are looking for a good flute, don't look any further. This flute will do it all. Completely Silver plated, of course, and it comes in a very good case. When played side by side with the Yamaha, there is no difference. All my local customers choose the Zeus over any other brand at this price point and they choose this flute over the Yamaha flute listed below because they are getting the same quality for less money. The rich tone and playability is quite dramatic even when played by beginners. This is because we spent considerable time researching and refining the headjoint design. The headjoint is the heart of the flute and determines if the instrument will play beautifully or like a dog. Needless to say, I have a hard time selling other brand flutes these days because of the quality and price of this instrument. Included is a very nice and sturdy plastic molded case and cleaning rod. The affordable price of this instrument makes it an unbeatable value. If you are in the market for an Open Hole flute then be sure to check out the other ZeuS models listed below.   
$450 US


Gemeinhardt 2SP

Gemeinhardt 2SP     (Advanced Student)    
This is a very popular American-made flute made by the biggest flute manufacturer in the world. In fact, the 2SP is the best selling flute in the world. Its been around for years. This company is located in Elkhart, IN and specializes in making flutes and piccolos exclusively and nothing but. This is an excellent choice for the beginner or the serious student, millions of people can't be wrong. Silver plated head, body and foot. Less expensive than the Yamaha but still a great flute.       
$450 US

For Your Flute:
Don't forget to buy a bottle of our amazing
ZeuS Silver Cream (silver polish) or our very high quality folding music stands.

 Click the model number to see the pictures of each instrument

Gemeinhardt 4P     (Advanced Student)
Plastic head and body, conical bore, silver-plated keys, 
This is the best playing of the piccolo models because it is a direct copy of the very expensive all wood piccolos that professionals play.
$515 US

Gemeinhardt 4PMH     (Advanced Student)
Plastic body with silver-plated metal head, conical bore, silver-plated keys, 
$535 US

Gemeinhardt 4SP     (Advanced Student)
All metal, Silver plated head and body, conical bore,     
$550 US

For Your Piccolo:

Don't forget to buy a bottle of our amazing
ZeuS Silver Cream (silver polish) or our very high quality folding music stands.

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