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ZeuS Guarnerius Cornet
   Handcrafted Custom Series

The Most Dangerous Cornet in the World          You will have one difficult time finding a better Cornet anywhere.

Take a virtual tour of the factory where these Cornets are made.

ZeuS Guarnerius professional cornets have all the high-end specifications you need with vintage design and flawless internal workmanship. Hand-lapped valves and slides provide precise fit and smooth air flow. This cornet is specifically designed for Brass Band performers and soloists, offering the player a rich, open and warm sound with excellent intonation. Traditional waterkeys and metal valve guides give this cornet a no nonsense classic look and feel. Completely hand-crafted by America's premiere custom trumpet manufacturer. The price makes it an unbeatable value when compared to any other professional cornet with the same specifications. As with its Guarnerius trumpet brother, you can look at any other brand but you will not find a better cornet at any price and at this price. Too good to be true, but it is true.

In the key of "Bb"       *** Prices below are for instruments with ring and saddle (throws), NO triggers
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ZCR 900BL Guarnerius - lacquered polished brass   $1700 US        
ZCR 900WB Guarnerius - (unlacquered) polished raw brass   $1700 US       
ZCR 900ABL Guarnerius - lacquered antique brushed brass    $1800 US         

ZCR 900S Guarnerius - bright silver plated   $1850 US         

Gold         Contact us for current pricing
ZCR 900G Guarnerius
- polished gold plated

ZCR 900AG Guarnerius - brushed gold plated
ZCR 900AGX Guarnerius - brushed gold plated with polished gold *trim

ZCR 900RL Guarnerius
- lacquered polished copper    $1900 US

ZCR 900RW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) polished raw copper     $1900 US
ZCR 900ARL Guarnerius
- lacquered antique brushed copper     $2000 US

Please note, this Cornet usually comes with 1st and 3rd valve slide triggers.
Price with triggers
- add $75 per trigger to the prices above

A - Brushed finish - add $100 to BL
S - Silver plate - add $150 to BL
G- Gold plate - add current gold price to S
Gold trim - half of current gold price to S
R - Copper - add $200 to BL
W - Raw - no extra charge
*Trim - all slides, finger buttons, top and bottom caps, and inside bell

Don't forget to buy a bottle of the amazing ZeuS Silver Cream silver polish if you buy a silver instrument.
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Just take a look at these specifications:

Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the world's leading manufacturers,
Key of Bb,
Classic British shepherd's crook short model design
14" length of instrument,
Various custom finishes,
Single piece, hand hammered, 4 3/4" bell,
Standard weight construction,
.464" bore size,
Hand fitted Monel valves,
Genuine pearl finger buttons,
Traditional brass valve guides (not plastic)
(These valve guides are noisier than the modern plastic guides but I wanted to be true to the original vintage design)
Traditional lever-type waterkeys,
1st and 3rd slide triggers,
ZeuS professional mouthpiece,
Genuine ProTec case with zipper and shoulder strap,

ZeuS ZCR 800     (Intermediate)

This is a fine quality Short Cornet with a Shepherd's crook bell
. This instrument will give a big, rich, dark sound that is traditional with short model cornets.
It has a excelent tone and workmanship, comparable to horns costing much more!
.460" bore, Monel valves, 4.75" bell, case and mouthpiece included.

Silver Plate - $725

Brass Lacquer - $625 US  
(special order only)

Accessories - folding music stands, ZeuS Silver Cream (silver polish)

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ZeuS ZCR 250     (Student)
If you have a beginner starting on cornet, you really do not need to spend any more money than this. This is the perfect instrument for the student. You can spend more later but you really do not have to. This Cornet can get a student through grade school and even high school. This is all you need. American made in Elkhart, Indiana, by one of the major manufacturers, this is a basic student cornet, but one of very good quality and durability. The workmanship and the mechanical functioning of this instrument is top notch. Perfect for that beginner or the more advanced student alike. I highly recommend this instrument if you are on a budget or even if you are not. You will pay less but still get a first rate instrument. Very good workmanship with good smooth valves and an affordable price. Key of Bb, .460" medium bore, 5" bell, two traditional waterkeys, nickel plated valves, adjustable 3rd slide finger ring. Comes in a quality plastic molded case with a 7C mouthpiece. Contemporary shape, not a "Shepherd's Crook" and what an amazing price.

$400 US  

Accessories - folding music stands, ZeuS Silver Cream (silver polish)



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