ZeuS Guarnerius C Trumpet

The best C trumpet you will play at any price. Go Ahead and embarrass the others.

ZeuS Guarnerius "C" Trumpets

Comes with a quality hard-shell case, regular .460" D-shaped slide, .470" single-radius large-bore slide and Aegis F2 Mouthpiece

ZTR 900 C-BL Guarnerius - lacquered polished brass $2000 US         

ZTR 900 C-ABL Guarnerius - lacquered brushed brass $2100 US
ZTR 900 C-ABLX Guarnerius - lacquered brushed brass with polished trim   $2100 US
ZTR 900 C-BW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) polished raw brass,   $2000 US
ZTR 900 C-ABW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) brushed raw brass   $2100 US

ZTR 900 C-S Guarnerius - polished silver plated   $2150 US

ZTR 900 C-AS Guarnerius - brushed silver plated   $2250 US
ZTR 900 C-SG Guarnerius - polished silver plated with gold *trim  (special order only)  $2300 US

Gold                                          contact us for current pricing
ZTR 900 C-G Guarnerius - polished gold plated   

ZTR 900 C-AG Guarnerius - brushed gold plated   
ZTR 900 C-AGX Guarnerius - brushed gold plated with polished gold *trim   

ZTR 900 C-RL Guarnerius - lacquered polished copper    $2200 US
ZTR 900 C-ARL Guarnerius - lacquered brushed copper    $2300 US
ZTR 900 C-ARLX Guarnerius - lacquered brushed copper with polished trim    $2300 US
ZTR 900 C-RW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) polished raw copper   $2200 US
ZTR 900 C-ARW Guarnerius
- (unlacquered) brushed raw copper    $2300 US

A - Brushed finish - add $100 to BL
S - Silver plate - add $150 to BL
G- Gold plate - add $
current gold price to S
     Gold trim - add $300 to S
R - Copper - add $200 to BL
W - Raw - no extra charge
*Trim - all slides, finger buttons, top and bottom caps, and inside bell

* All trumpets come with Silver plated mouthpiece except for fully Gold plated trumpets, which come with gold plated mouthpiece.

Comes with:
.460" D-shaped slide
.470" Round-shaped slide,
Custom heavy-duty ZeuS-designed premium case with accessory compartment and shoulder strap,
ZeuS Aegis Mouthpiece

Accessories              (click HERE to see pics of the slides and caps)

The heavy valve caps will give you even stronger slotting. The notes will lock in and center better.
The custom large bore slides will open up the horn for considerably less resistance.
The nice thing about both of these items is that your horn will not by altered irreversibly.

Single-Radius Tuning Slides
     - round bend, single radius crook .470" bore

raw brass, raw brushed brass - $175
lacquer and brushed lacquer - $175
silver - $200

gold - $250

Heavyweight Valve Caps - - Set of three

raw brass, raw brushed brass -
lacquer and brushed lacquer - $50
silver - $60
gold - $80

Silver Polish - for the bright silver instruments this ZeuS Silver Cream is highly recommended. Its the best we found, amazing stuff.

Shipping on any accessory order is $6.00 if ordered separately.
shipping on accessories if ordered at the same time as an instrument.

Accessory Testimonials

Alex, I received the 470 bore round tuning slide for my Zeus G B-flat today. I immediately put the slide in and played. What I heard and felt was absolutely amazing. First; The balance of the horn in the hand improved. it wasn't an issue to begin with, but you could definitely feel the difference. Second; I could feel the horn respond all the way back to the hand. Third; The pitches centered with little effort and the horn "sang" like it had never done before. Again the wasn't a negative issue with the horn and the square slide, but it improved so much with the rounded slide. Fourth; The articulation was cleaner, and spoke quickly. Fifth; The slotting improved up to G above high C. Sixth; The trumpet was very free blowing. Now I have two B-flat lacquer Zeus G trumpets for the price of a little more than one. Alex, let me know when the round slide is ready for the C Trumpet. I would like to have it shipped immediately. Thanks again for making my trumpet playing fun!!!        Mike Daniell,   Fayetteville, GA

Last night my new valve caps and tuning slide arrived for my new ZeuS. WoW, they really make quite a difference. I thought the horn was fabulous to begin with, but the valve caps have really improved things far beyond my expectations. The curved tuning slide seems to take some of the edge and brightness off of the upper register. It really is like having 2 different horns for the cost of a tuning slide. I can see where either the standard or the custom slide can be helpfull, depending on the playing situation. I will keep the valve caps on regardless of any situation. I can't wait to try this new slide at the pit orchestra rehearsal tonight. I don't deserve a horn this good.    James Rick (IL)

Just take a look at these SPECIFICATIONS!

ZTR 900C Guarnerius "C" Trumpet Specifications

The "Bb" is based on the vintage Mt. Vernon Bach and the "C" is based on the "Bb".
The "C" is designed to be a perfect companion to the "Bb" with the same feel and tone.
Entirely hand-crafted for us in the USA by one of the leading manufacturers,
All the “Bb” finishes are available for the “C” as well,

"C" Trumpet Specifications
Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the leading manufacturers,
All available custom finishes,
Single piece, hand hammered, 4 7/8 inch, yellow brass, #37-style bell,
Standard weight construction,
#25 style leadpipe,
.462" large bore,
Hand fitted Monel valves,
"LightFast" valve action,
(the lightest and fastest valves you will ever experience)
Genuine pearl finger buttons,
Nylon valve guides for the quietest valve action,
Traditional lever-type waterkeys,
ZeuS E3 mouthpiece,
(included in price)
ZeuS custom-designed case with zipper and shoulder strap,

All specifications are the same as on the "Zeus Guarnerius Bb" except for the bore size.
.462” large bore for the “C”

the NEW ZeuS Aegis mouthpiece

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Intrigue - The ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet "blows away" trumpet freaks everywhere - is it "too good to be true" or is it a "miracle"?

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