ZeuS Guarnerius  ZTR 900
   Professional Trumpet

Handcrafted Custom Series

The Most Dangerous Trumpet in the World!   A real BACH KILLER!

design based on the Bach Stradivarius Mt. Vernon Trumpet Trumpets

Pick Your Flavor     12 tasty varieties to choose from          Available in Bb and C

Guarnerius in Antique BrushedGuarnerius in Silver and in the key of "C"Guarnerius in Copper

Guarnerius in Lacquer Guarnerius in Raw BrassGuarnerius in Silver


An Amazing 13 custom Finishes
Click on the model name below to view the pictures of this instrument.

Guarnerius "Bb" Trumpets

Comes with a quality hard-shell case, regular .460" D-shaped slide, 470" single-radius large-bore slide and Aegis F2 Mouthpiece

ZTR 900 BL Guarnerius - lacquered polished brass   $2000 US  
ZTR 900 ABL Guarnerius - lacquered brushed brass   $2100 US 
ZTR 900 ABLX Guarnerius - lacquered brushed brass with polished trim   $2100 US
ZTR 900 BW Guarnerius
- (unlacquered) polished raw brass   $2000 US

ZTR 900 ABW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) brushed raw brass   $2100 US

ZTR 900 S Guarnerius - polished silver plated   $2150 US 
ZTR 900 ASX Guarnerius - brushed silver plated with polished silver trim  $2250 US
ZTR 900 SG Guarnerius - polished silver plated with gold *trim  (special order only)  $2300 US

(special order only)       contact us for current pricing
ZTR 900 G Guarnerius - polished gold plated   
ZTR 900 AG Guarnerius - brushed gold plated   
ZTR 900 AGX Guarnerius - brushed gold plated with polished gold *trim   

ZTR 900 RL Guarnerius
- lacquered polished copper    $2200 US

ZTR 900 ARL Guarnerius - lacquered brushed copper    $2300 US
ZTR 900 ARLX Guarnerius
- lacquered brushed copper with polished trim    $2300 US

ZTR 900 RW Guarnerius
- (unlacquered) polished raw copper    $2200 US
ZTR 900 ARW Guarnerius - (unlacquered) brushed raw copper    $2300 US

A - Brushed finish - add $100 to BL
S - Silver plate - add $150 to BL
G- Gold plate - add $current gold price to S
     Gold trim - add $300 to S
R - Copper - add $200 to BL
W - Raw - no extra charge
*Trim - all slides, finger buttons, top and bottom caps, and inside bell

Comes with:
.460" D-shaped slide
.470" Round-shaped slide,
Custom heavy-duty ZeuS-designed premium case with accessory compartment
No mouthpice included


Click HERE to see the ZeuS Guarnerius C trumpet

Accessories              (click HERE to see pics of the slides and caps)

The heavy valve caps will give you even stronger slotting. The notes will lock in and center better.
The custom large bore slides will open up the horn for considerably less resistance.
The nice thing about both of these items is that your horn will not by altered irreversibly.

Single-Radius Tuning Slides
     - round bend, single radius crook .470" bore

raw brass, raw brushed brass - $175
lacquer and brushed lacquer - $175
silver - $200
gold - $250

Heavyweight Valve Caps - - Set of three

raw brass, raw brushed brass -
lacquer and brushed lacquer - $50
silver - $60
gold - $80


Silver Polish - for the bright silver instruments this ZeuS Silver Cream is highly recommended. Its the best we found, amazing stuff.

Shipping on any accessory order is $6.00 if ordered separately.
shipping on accessories if ordered at the same time as an instrument.

Accessory Testimonials

Alex, I received the 470 bore round tuning slide for my Zeus G B-flat today. I immediately put the slide in and played. What I heard and felt was absolutely amazing. First; The balance of the horn in the hand improved. it wasn't an issue to begin with, but you could definitely feel the difference. Second; I could feel the horn respond all the way back to the hand. Third; The pitches centered with little effort and the horn "sang" like it had never done before. Again the wasn't a negative issue with the horn and the square slide, but it improved so much with the rounded slide. Fourth; The articulation was cleaner, and spoke quickly. Fifth; The slotting improved up to G above high C. Sixth; The trumpet was very free blowing. Now I have two B-flat lacquer Zeus G trumpets for the price of a little more than one. Alex, let me know when the round slide is ready for the C Trumpet. I would like to have it shipped immediately. Thanks again for making my trumpet playing fun!!!        Mike Daniell,   Fayetteville, GA

Last night my new valve caps and tuning slide arrived for my new ZeuS. WoW, they really make quite a difference. I thought the horn was fabulous to begin with, but the valve caps have really improved things far beyond my expectations. The curved tuning slide seems to take some of the edge and brightness off of the upper register. It really is like having 2 different horns for the cost of a tuning slide. I can see where either the standard or the custom slide can be helpfull, depending on the playing situation. I will keep the valve caps on regardless of any situation. I can't wait to try this new slide at the pit orchestra rehearsal tonight. I don't deserve a horn this good.    James Rick (IL)

Just take a look at these SPECIFICATIONS!

ZTR 900 Guarnerius "Bb" Trumpet Specifications

Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the leading manufacturers,
All available custom finishes,
Single piece, hand hammered, 4 7/8 inch, yellow brass, #37-style bell,
Standard weight construction,
#25 style leadpipe,
.460" medium large bore,
Hand fitted Monel valves,
"LightFast" valve action,
(the lightest and fastest valves you will ever experience)
Genuine pearl finger buttons,
Nylon valve guides for the quietest valve action,

Traditional lever-type waterkeys,
ZeuS E3 mouthpiece,
(included in price)
ZeuS custom-designed trumpet case with zipper and shoulder strap,

the ZeuS Aegis mouthpiece

*Interesting Links:

We had to make a new page because there is no more room here.

Bach Mt. Vernon - Click here to see my original trumpet which was used to create the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet.

Click here to see the Bach Mt. Vernon Stradivarius and the ZeuS Guarnerius photographed side by side.

Sound Files - Click here to hear the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet as played by Joe Watson.

FACTORY TOUR - - Click here and take a tour of the factory where the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpets are made.

Intrigue - The ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet "blows away" trumpet freaks everywhere - is it "too good to be true" or is it a "miracle"?

You must check out the ZeuS Guarnerius Cornet  and the  ZeuS Guarnerius Fluegel Horn

This is the best trumpet I sell. A no compromise, "as good as they come" trumpet for the connoisseur. This is the ultimate trumpet. My top of the line trumpet. I am so excited about it, can you tell? I worked with one of the best custom trumpet makers in the USA to design this remarkable instrument based on the original Vintage New York, Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius trumpets of the 30s, 40s and 50s which are now coveted by the best players. These were the real Bach trumpets and they sure don't make them like they used to. Unfortunately the original Bach company was sold to a large conglomerate in the sixties and the instruments have never been the same since. This ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet will bring back the feel, the tone and the quality hand craftsmanship of those vintage trumpets.

!!! WARNING !!!
This instrument may also upset anyone who has paid hundreds of dollars more for a new Bach Stradivarius trumpet. Most Band directors will undoubtedly be both surprised and envious of your success in buying such a high caliber instrument and let alone on the Internet. They may feel a bit uneasy and puzzled when you show them this trumpet. You will have a better instrument than they do at almost half the price.

You will be rewarded with a truly fine instrument and rare find. If you are a student you will have, without question, the best trumpet at your school. If you are a serious adult player, you have just found the ultimate trumpet. The fact is that some people are stuck on certain brand names and may not like to acknowledge that there may be a better instrument on the market for far less money. There is no denying that this is one heck of a trumpet and one heck of a deal you just found. You also get our amazing payment plan to boot. So again I must repeat myself, you are getting tremendous value. Together with the cool ProTec case, this is one impressive package.

ZeuS Guarnerius professional trumpets have more power, projection, better control and richer sound due to the high-end specifications, vintage design and flawless internal workmanship. Hand-lapped valves and slides provide precise fit and smooth air flow. Double main tuning slide braces help the response and tonal color of these trumpets. Traditional waterkeys and metal valve guides give this trumpet a no nonsense classic look and feel. Completely hand-crafted by America's premiere custom trumpet manufacturer. The price makes it an unbeatable value when compared to any other professional trumpet with the same specifications.

Still not convinced?      Here are some TESTIMONIALS      Click here for many more testimonials

First, thanks for having the guts to post prices... Not everyone does...like it's something "mystical" or they are embarrassed or some- thing... Thank you for your honesty... This is the second time in the past couple weeks that I have come across the some bit of enlightening news...the inconsistency in production of the Bach...I wish you well for this New Year...and thanks again... Ray, PA

I got the Guarnerius trumpet today. It looks great. My son loves it. Thanks for you hard work and commitment to your customers. I will tell everyone I know about your music business. Thanks again, Kyle, UT

Alex, at first I thought you were just being overzealous but this Guarnerius is impressive. Everything and more than what you claimed. Its nice to sometimes get more than what you had bargained for. Tom, MD

Something funny, I told you before ordering it that I will be showing it to my son's band director. He looked at it, played it and didn't really know what to say even though I could tell he was trying very hard to find fault with it. He asked me what the price was about three times in disbelief and finally did say that the zipper on the case will eventually break. I think we can live with that. My coworker at the office, who is a professional trumpet player by night just loved it and asked to borrow it. He did not see where the $800 difference was between the ZeuS and his own big name trumpet. He will be calling you as soon as he sells some of his other trumpets. All I can say is GOOD JOB. Rich, Ohio

Alex, Thanks for the recommendation. My daughter really enjoys the sound of the ZeuS Guarnerius and its intonation. I guess I will be contacting you later about a flute. Regards, PA

Alex, I just wanted to let you know the ZeuS trumpet was delivered in excellent condition. An absolutely beautiful instrument. Eric could not be happier. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much Tim

Alex, All I can say is that I am very impressed!! I have recently tried a number a number of professional trumpets from Strads to Xeno's and was close to spending some big $ to get one. I ended up getting the run around from a number of local music stores which left a bad taste in my mouth. I decided to contact you again and get some additional information on the Guarnerius. As you know I bought one last week and I haven't put it down yet!! The tone and quality of this trumpet is unbelievable!! I am a sales person on the road and I even brought it with me in the car today so I could play at lunch. Thanks for your honesty and a very impressive horn.        Stewart (Ottawa, ON)

Got your Zeus trumpet a few days ago, you may as well cancell that trial period you have because you dont need it for this horn. Its everything you said it was and more. This baby sings like the old one I had that I should have never sold. KEep up the good work you do, peple are crazy not to buy this horn.  I will let everyone play it and I am sure more sales will come your way.   Steve (Long Island, NY)

Alex Just want to say thank you for the advice about the ZeuS Guarnerius trumpet. Its everything you said it would be! Like night and day from what I was blowing. The intonation is excellent and its simple to play, real easy! And its a pretty instrument. Thanks for everything, and I will tell everyone I know! Also thanks for the oil. I'll keep in touch ok        Sincerly Ben (PA)

Hi there... I appreciate all of your quick responses with all of this....the money orders were sent, so all is good with that. I look forwarding to getting the horn, and I respect your privacy about the information with your store....I have been a longtime fan of the company that makes your Guarnerius trumpet. To date, I have probably played about 30 different trumpets from them and outright loved all 30 of them in every way...haven't played a clunker yet. Thanks again, Tim (NJ)

Hi Alex! I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the ZeuS "G" trumpet, and it is everything you have described it to be. I appreciate all of your professionalism with the entire transaction, and I particularly thank you for the nice ProTec case along with the great horn. If any other great deals like this come along again, please be sure to keep me in mind. I am a band teacher in a NJ public school and I am always looking for things... Thanks again, Tim

You compare your Zeus Guarnerius against the Bach Stradivarius. Meaningless comparison for me. Strads are way overpriced and under-achieving as far as I'm concerned.    Verne (CA)

Alex, Still very pleased with my recent purchase from you. I just thought I would let you know that my teacher, who is a very well known Ottawa trumpet player, tried out my Guarnerius. He plays a Bach 180-37 as well as a Conn Constellation. He played my horn and said that it was a helluva a horn. He said that when he over blows on his Bach it starts to "sizzle" he then said that the Guarnerius held everything together and was a beautiful sounding horn. Thanks again, Stewart, (Ottawa Canada)

Alex: I ran across a guy in So-Cal with a Guarnerius and he let me play it for a little while. I saw the logo on the bell and I flipped out. That's how that happened. I don't know for sure if he was a SOCAL or even a California resident but he was certainly very proud of his horn and he was so very kind. I always have my mouthpiece in my pocket so I was ready when the opportunity came along. Practice room, tuner, the whole deal. Took just a few minutes. I didn't even think to ask him his name. I feel like a boob admitting to that one.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I think I recognize the construction of the horn but that's not what this is about. I am probably the hardest "hack" in the world to convince of anything, especially if I can't see it first hand, before hand. Know what I mean? What the heck, I will be in the music scene for fifty one years in a few weeks and it's probably never gonna change. Be that as it may, the sound, response, projection and intonation was dead-on. How would I know? Checked it with an electronic digital tuner. At a conventional price, the horn would still be a great buy but at the web-site advertised price, it truly is a super deal. If the quality control people can produce a horn that responds and sounds like the one just before it, it's a super deal, no question. You have no idea how much this is killing me. I'm never wrong. Never!!! (Right) I have every intention of ordering one of those horns. I'm partial to the model with the antique brushed lacquer finish. I play almost exclusively in my church. It's a big room and I have a microphone complete with reverb, echo delay and all that good stuff whenever I need it. Still, sometimes I want to step away from the mic and reach the poor guy in the last row acoustically. Not often, but sometimes. I think that the Guarnerius will allow me to do that just fine. As for the color of the instrument, silver is pretty but requires too much effort to keep it clean. For me, anyhow. I just want to show up and play, put it away and go home. I've gone through the ordering instructions and I know what I'll do when the money is in my pocket. Just one request; when it's time to order and time to ship, don't send me that pink case. Yeah, I know. Lighting. Looks faded. Good grief, what would my cronies think if I showed up with a pink case. I'd have to wear a paper sack over my head. Thanks for the time, Vern (California)

Subject: A Great Horn,
About the Zeus Guarnerius trumpets you sell (and the one I just bought): The gentleman on the phone knew his stuff and answered all of my questions point-blank. No funny stuff there. The horn itself arrived quickly in a surprisingly durable and stylish Pro-tech case. (my old Reunion Blues leather gig bag is going to the charity bin, I think) But the horn? Goodness--what can I say? There's a bald spot on my head--I'm sure of it--from my constant, puzzled scratching (in wonderment and disbelief) at how such an exquisite instrument could have been crafted and sold for under a thousand bucks. I'm done with Selmer-Bach forever, I think. One last thing: a trumpet prof I once studied with lent me a vintage Mt. Vernon Stradivarius that was on loan to him from another player. I don't remember what year it was, but I DO remember the timbre of that horn (and parted with it sadly thereafter), and I have to say that there's a lot of THAT fine instrument in the Zeus now sitting by my feet as I write. So for that, I have to say thanks to you folk for getting into my hands the kind of B-flat I never thought I'd get to play again. There are probably scores of other Guarnerius owners who feel the same way, I'm sure.
Sincerely, Scott (Michigan)

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Still not convinced?     Whats wrong with you?     Click Here for even more testimonials.

Bach Stradivarius 180-37 - WE NO LONGER SELL THIS TRUMPET

Would you blame us? Please refer to the ZeuS Guarnerius above.

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